Personal Injury

Mala has sighted hundreds of medical reports over the years to identify claims for personal injuries largely for motor accident claims but other negligence claims as well. She is familiar with the practice adopted by both the State Courts and the High Court as far as personal injury claims are concerned having been involved in the area for a large part of her career.

Claims for personal injury are usually broken up into establishing liability first before quantum is assessed. Given her experience, she strategises based on the unique facts of your case by advising you such that the outcome of your personal injury claim generates the best outcome under the circumstances.

Her rapport with both sides of the spectrum namely insurance companies and insureds on the one hand as well as experience with injured parties and the judiciary dealing with their claims enables her to assess and advise on the advantages and disadvantages of settling as against proceeding to trial, all things considered.

As pioneer member of the Personal Injury and Property Damage Committee of the Law Society Mala keeps herself updated on all goings on in relation to this practice area.